Legion's Legion

Legion continues to do well at Best Friends. He is quickly becoming well loved by his caregivers and the manager of Dogtown. He has a large kennel in one of the lodges where dogs have single kennels. He has a big yard he can go in when he wants to. He gets walks and training sessions. Longmont sent the big ball he was playing with in his video in the agility yard, and he took the string knot that we gave him on his overnight stay.

ChampChamp: Our latest rescue goal.

Update on TayNay: She has been returned to her owners. The shelter was legally constrained to let them have her which may be questionable but there it is


Pitbulls For Peace is always working hard to help these misunderstood dogs find good homes. If you can help please donate by clicking on Legion's picture below to donate using PayPal. You have our promise that every dime goes to helping these great dogs. For more information on how to help, contact Pitbulls For Peace at pitbulls4peace@gmail.com

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